Why 7r?

Our playbook is the map, you decide the route

Venture Exploration

In 4 weeks we identify problems and opportunity spaces in our partner's strategic verticals, with the objective of defining a list of tangible business models that will generate new sources of income in the short/medium term, highlighting the existing opportunities in your potential growth areas.
To do so, we categorise the problems based on a scoring considering their impact, viability and market opportunity, validating each idea with internal stakeholders to get them on board. Finally we prioritise only those ideas where our partner has an unfair advantage

What is Idear?

From a problem to a business line

Identify new potential customer segments, business models and value propositions based on problems identified in your industry and where you have knowledge.

Prioritise solutions

Defines potential solutions to address the identified challenges based on scouting and mapping of the national and international ecosystem.

Align stakeholders

Validate the prioritised solutions with the executive team and lay the foundations for innovation in your company.

Venture Design

In this phase we dive into a the industry and validate the opportunity. Through data driven lean validation we become best friends with our target customers. We dream like them, think like them and test all posible hypothesis to increase our confidence in each idea.
And this leads us to create a differential and unique value proposition. In just 8 weeks we design potential solutions to the problems identified and validatetheir attractiveness with real customers. At the end, you´ll have all the necessary information to launch, pivot or kill
Venture Design

in three strokes

Find the solution to your problem

Define a viable product and value proposition, ensuring understanding of the competitive environment and user pain-points.

Validate your hypotheses with real users

Get real feedback from potential users and customers to validate hypotheses with product mock ups to which we have already applied brand design and visual identity.

Refine your business model

Define the go-to-market and monetisation model that ensures the operational, economic and technological viability of the new venture.

Venture Launch

We launch an MVP to the market to validate product market fit. Led by our in-houseproduct and technology team , we develop and implement the go-to-market strategy during the first months, onboarding our first users, allowing us to focus on building the features that deliver the most value to your customers.

To launch a company you need the best talent. We hire and onboard , experiencedentrepreneurial talent to take the company to the next level. Finally we have deep experience in setting up the new company, adapted to the needs of our partner, finding external investment if necessary. 
Full Alpha Launch

Shall we launch together?

Products that don't take forever

We always aim for speed of execution under high quality standards. We are agile and very focused on results, no smoke and mirrors.

Growth from the beginning

We have good intuition, but we rely more on data. Our product decisions are closely linked to data, you just have to know which ones to look at, and that's where we come in.

Team that speaks your language

We are a multidisciplinary team. Product, technology and business actively collaborate during all phases and are constantly aligned to minimise failure and risk.

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